The ownership of a vessel should be the source of leisure, recreation and pleasure but is too often associated with headaches and frustration. That is because boats require proper management and need to be maintained, like planes, with preventative programs.

The professional management of Cruise vessels and Charter Yachts has been our expertise for the past 20 years. Being for private owners who want to enjoy their free time or investors in Marine Tourism, we understand your needs and expectations because we are ourselves Boat owners and operators.

Private Yacht Management

Our mission is to provide Yacht owners with reliable services and accountability so that they can enjoy their free time onboard and keep control of their budgets at all times.

Administrative services

  • Registration and Licenses
  • Customs
  • Corporate Ownership: organization, management
  • Book keeping and accounts
  • Insurance

Vessel management

  • Suppliers relationship (marinas, shipyards, etc.)
  • Maintenance and refit programs
  • Supply and spare part management
  • Crew management

Yacht Charter Management

We have created and conceived Marine tourism products, trained crews, managed vessels and market them to different niche market of this industry: Yacht Charter, cabin cruising, traditional wooden, day tour, etc.

Our mission: providing best R.O.I for the investors and shore back up for the professional crew.

Business plans, Operation set up and services

  • Yacht Charter product definition, positioning and branding
  • Thai registration and cruise license for Thailand
  • Market survey, budgeting & marketing plans

Vessel management

  • Charter operation organization and management
  • Maintenance and refit programs
  • Supply and spare part management
  • Book keeping and accounts

Charter agency and clearing house services

  • Central planning and reservation
  • Sales and marketing services
  • Communication

Crew Agency

  • Crew management including payroll, tax filing and work permits
  • Full and part time professional crew
  • Local day workers
  • STCW 95 qualified crews