Set to the southwest side of Thailand, the Andaman coast stretches for 450km of beautiful beaches, secluded bays and stunning tropical islands to discover. Impressive limestone crags tower up from the beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation and the crystal Andaman waters lapping up to the shore.

Phuket is one of the Andaman coasts most popular destinations. It’s Thailand’s largest island, well visited by tourists, families and expats looking to retire in the sun. Enjoy plenty of excellent shopping, dining, entertainment, great beaches and of course beautiful weather. Other popular places to visit nearby include Ao Nang and Krabi province.

Must Visit Islands Along the Andaman Coast

The Andaman coast is ideal for a mix of relaxation and adventure. There’s many smaller, quiet islands and larger islands with more activities on offer. Which you visit depends on the purpose of your trip.

Small Quiet Islands

  • Hong Islands These islands make great snorkeling destinations being surrounded by turquoise waters. Hire a boat out for the day from Railay or Phuket and enjoy time in paradise
  • Koh Poda Reach Koh Poda in around 25 minutes from Ao Nang. Enjoy walking along the soft, white beaches surrounded by lush, tropical palm and pine trees
  • Chicken Island Chicken Island or Koh Kai offers stunning scenery in the form of craggy, limestone cliffs. At low tide, you can walk to the nearby islands of Koh Tap and Koh Mor across a sandbar
  • Bamboo Island This is a must-visit tropical getaway if you want to get away from the crowds. Only 600 meres wide and 700 metres long, white sand surrounds the island and lush vegetation flows through the centre
  • Koh Ngai If you love snorkeling, Koh Ngai is a must visit. Swim trough crystal waters filled with tropical coral and colourful fish
  • Koh Muk Koh Muk has it all including white beaches, tropical landscapes and craggy caves to explore. The Emerald Cave is particularly worth visiting and can only be reached by swimming into the island
  • Koh Kradan Some visitors to Koh Kradan claim its beaches are the best in Thailand. Stay for a few days or take a day trip from Krabi

Andaman Thailand

Larger, Busier Islands

The Andaman Coast sits to the southwest side of Thailand. It stretches 450km of jaw-dropping coastline, with a mix of busy and more secluded island destinations. You can start in Phuket or Railay to the north and island hop down the Andaman Coast. Islands not to miss include;

  • Phuket. Visit Phuket for a mix of great beaches, local and international dining, shopping and a bustling nightlife
  • Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta offers a laid back vibe and long beach’s allowing you to get away from the crowds. Enjoy great dining and drinks watching the sun go down
  • Koh Jum. Situated between Krabi town and Koh Lanta, this island is like stepping back in time. Only about 20 resorts sit on the west side of the island and the rest is undeveloped giving you a taste of real Thailand before tourists invaded