FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


The decision to charter a yacht is a personal choice or preference depending on your budget, your party size and your experience in sailing, among other factors.
All sailing yachts have a set number of cabins hosting from 2 up to the stated amount of passengers. For a party of 6, for example you would choose a yacht with a minimum of 3 cabins. Other factors to consider is your comfort level and your budget. Generally, a yacht of 38ft and larger offers more space and head room than a smaller size yacht. You will want to sail in comfort without being cramped in tight quarters. Year build may also be a significant factor. The newer models are more spacious, better designed with newer engines and performance capabilities.

Yacht Management

The role of yacht management is to support the operations of the yacht and to make yacht ownership as exciting and pleasurable as possible. From our offices we are best poised to handle the day to day operations required to run a multi million dollars asset. Our management service can be full or partial and can include crew services, budget control, MCA/ISM Compliance, payroll, insurance, charter, refit management and much more.