Koh Chang, is also known as ‘Elephant Island’, because the headland is shaped like an elephant. It’s the third largest island in Thailand, located in Trat Province, around 300 km east of Bangkok.

It offers an incredible range of scenery from sweeping bays, impressive waterfalls, jungle covered mountain peaks, blossoming coral reefs and a mix of beach huts and luxury resorts. Koh Chang is becoming an increasingly popular destination to charter a yacht, where you can sail all day around the 50+ islands of the Mu Ko Chang National park and moor off a sleepy deserted island at night.

Must See Koh Chang Destinations

Koh Chang is a tropical nature lover’s paradise. Being the largest island in the national park, Koh Chang has miles and miles of jungle, beaches and surrounding marine life to explore. While visiting on your yacht charter you must see:

  • Khlong Plu Waterfall
  • Incredible sunsets on the beach
  • Dive to the HMS Chang Wreck
  • Visit Salakkok fishing village
  • Explores mangroves on the south of the island
  • Hike to Kai Bae viewpoint
  • Visit Wat Salak Petch temple

Best Time of Year to Charter a Yacht in Koh Chang

Koh Chang seasons are similar to those in Bangkok. The island can be visited year round, with the high season running from November to February. Rainy season begins from May to late October. November to April are generally considered the best months to charter a yacht in this area.