By Admin Post on May 30, 2023

A private yacht charter is one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to travel on the open sea. Whether you’re an avid sailor or taking to the waters for the first time, travelling on a private yacht is the best way to go. From the moment you step on board, to the moment you arrive back on dry land, your every need will be taken care of.

Whether you want to laze all day on deck, get the adrenalin going on a jet ski, or take to an island to laze under a few palm trees, a private boat charter can be tailored to your needs. Here’s why a private boat charter will be the ultimate luxury experience.

Choose Your Itinerary

Do you have a dream itinerary in mind? The good news is that when you opt for a private charter experience, you can choose your ideal itinerary. No need to waste time visiting places you don’t want to see. Just tell your yacht captain where you’d like to go and they’ll be happy to cruise in that direction. And, if you get to an island and love it, why not stay longer! You are in charge of your private charter, so do what makes you happy.

Private Yachts Are Luxuriously Kitted Out

Private luxury yachts are beautifully kitted out and will be looked after very well. Tourist boats and cruise ships, have many people on board over the year, so often get run down quickly. On a private yacht charter you can travel in comfort and enjoy all the mod cons with your family and friends, rather than having to fight for space with the masses!

Take Part in a Variety of Activities

Travelling on a private yacht, is like being on your own private island. You’ll have relaxation areas, a dining area, a private bar, a sunbathing deck and a variety of water play equipment such as snorkeling gear, water slides, paddle boards, jet skis and maybe a few inflatable rings. Get the adrenalin up on a jet ski or enjoy lazy time floating around in a rubber ring – the choice is yours.

Enjoy Being Away from the Public

Tourist boats and cruise holidays can be fun, but you often end up fighting for space. On a luxury private yacht charter, you have the whole boat to yourself and don’t have to worry about anyone getting in the way. Kick back on deck and sunbathe, or hop off at the next island to enjoy a day of exploration. And when you’re ready to up anchor and move on, you can go without having to wait for a throng of tourists!

Feast on Gourmet Cuisine

While onboard a private yacht charter, you can enjoy delicious home cooked meals, with the freshest ingredients, prepared by your private chef. Dine on caviar and lobster if you wish, or ask for tasty veggie meals if that’s your thing. Whatever your diet preferences, they can be catered for on a luxury private yacht charter.