By Admin Post on February 8, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose a Bareboat Charter in Thailand

Are you considering taking a yacht charter in Thailand? Before you go, there are a few decisions to be made, including whether to take a crewed charter or a bareboat charter.

Crewed charters are the way to go if you truly want a 5-star experience. Everything is taken care for you, including planning the trip, driving the yacht and dining.

While this is great, you can’t beat cruising on a bareboat, where you’re completely in charge and the captain of your own vessel. Here are five of the many reasons to choose a bareboat charter.

1. Select the Vessel You Cruise On

Hiring a bareboat charter allows you to choose a vessel according to your needs. Select from a range of motor yachts, catamarans or sailing yachts, of different sizes, lengths and various types of amenities on-board. Whatever type of boat you envision, you can hire it for your bareboat cruise around Thailand.

2. Decide on Your Own Itinerary

While you can choose an itinerary with a crewed boat, generally there will be a few set routes recommended. On a bareboat, you are the captain and can choose which islands you want to include in your trip. Discover hidden bays, snorkel at the best spots or spend all day moored up at a beach – you decide!

3. Bond with Your Kids and Friends

As the captain, you can choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd mates who will assist you with the running of the vessel. This is a great time to get kids or friends involved, who can learn the ropes and get extra time to bond with you. Assign everyone a task, which not only helps you out, but makes everyone feel useful and is great fun!

4. Travel at Your Own Pace

Had enough of rushing around back home? This is why a bareboat charter is a great choice, allowing you to travel at your own pace and stop longer in places you fall in love with. No need to rush back to the boat on captain’s orders. You are in charge and can explore, enjoy and unwind however it suits you.

5. Ultimate Freedom and Privacy

One of the best reasons to charter a bareboat is to get away from the rat race and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Enjoy incredible privacy with a loved one on a bareboat, eating when you want, lounging when you want and just generally doing whatever you want together, with no one else around. If you’ve drifted apart back home, chartering a bareboat is a great time to rekindle that flame in paradise.