By Admin Post on September 8, 2021

With so many yachts for sale in Phuket today, it can be hard to choose which one to buy. One big decision to make is whether to buy a sailing yacht or a motor yacht? They both allow you to sail comfortably and enjoy the freedom of the open waves.

But what are the differences between a sailing yacht and a motor yacht? What are the pros and cons? And, how to decide which is best for you? Answer the questions below to guide you towards the right decision.

Why are You Buying a Yacht?

Are you buying a yacht for a vacation or to live on for many months a year? And do you like a more traditional experience or want luxury?

Some people are looking to sail in style, while others appreciate the journey and navigating a sailing boat themselves. Motor yachts offer an incredibly luxurious ride, while sail boats are more practical and rewarding to navigate.

How Experienced Are You at Sailing?

Sailing yachts are largely reliant on the wind and are dictated by mother nature. This reliance on the weather means you need to have experience planning a route and knowing how to sail obviously helps unless you have crew.

A motor yacht gives an easier ride, with the engine doing all the hard work. Handling sails and rigging is physical work and might not be for everyone. If you love to sail, a sailing boat is a no brainer. For a more relaxed, less physically demanding ride, a motor yacht is a better choice.

What is Your Budget for Yacht Operation?

As you’d probably guessed, a motor yacht costs more to run over time with the amount of fuel used. Wind in the sails is free and even if you use the engine on some parts of the trip, a sailboat is the more budget friendly option.

Is Eco-Friendliness Important to You?

Fossil fuels emitted by a motor yacht negatively impact the local marine life and ecology. And, the faster you go, your carbon footprint increases.

Sailing is a much eco-friendlier option, with minimal gas used and a miniscule carbon footprint. If environmental stability is important to you, buying a sailing boat is the way to go.

How Much Space Do You Need on Your Yacht?

Do you plan on inviting large groups of family, friends or business associates aboard? Motor yachts tend to have expansive living spaces, spacious decks and a range of room options available making them an ideal choice.

While some sailing boats tend to have smaller living areas, this isn’t true for all. If you have a large enough budget, there are sailing boats with expansive living quarters.

How Fast Do You Want to Travel?

A powerful motor yacht is the best way to travel if time is of the essence. Sailing boats offer a more romantic vision of sailing the seas, wind blowing in your hair. Sailing is an unforgettable experience, but isn’t the fastest way to get from A to B.