By Admin Post on March 1, 2022

5 Tips to Get the Most from a Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed yacht charters are a great idea to get away from it all. They are perfect for general relaxation or to celebrate an event such as a wedding, birthday or business success. Not only do you have the boat to yourself, but you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with the crew catering to your needs.

Enjoy the views up on deck, dine on 5-star cuisine and explore tropical islands filled with white sand as far as the eye can see. While charter companies know how to look after guests, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of your trip.

Tell the Crew What You Want

When booking your Phuket yacht charter, be extremely clear what you expect up-front. Your crew want to make it the experience of a lifetime, but won’t be able to without your input. Provide information such as itinerary preferences, privacy expectations, what activities you’d like, medical needs, any allergies and food preferences.

Be Flexible with the Itinerary

While the itinerary is usually decided before you leave, it’s essential to be flexible. The weather doesn’t always do what you expect and the captain may have to divert the course suddenly for safety. If you do change, your experienced captain will recommend a place equally up to par.

Follow the Rules Onboard

The rules onboard are there for your safety and the safety of the crew. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these rules when onboard and stick to them. The last thing you want is to slip on deck because you were wearing the wrong type of shoes!

Don’t Overfill Your Charter Schedule

While there are a ton of activities to enjoy on your charter, if you overfill your schedule you’re in danger of getting back to port exhausted. Of course, enjoy swimming and speeding through the water on a jet ski if that’s your thing. But give yourself time just to chill and drink in the stunning views.

Show Appreciation to the Crew

Yacht charter crew are great at what they do and work extremely hard for the duration of each trip. They do all they can to look after guests to ensure they have the trip of a lifetime. However, they are not servants and often have multiple duties onboard, some of which you may not see. Always be courteous and treat the crew with respect – this will be much appreciated!