By Admin Post on May 17, 2023

Are you considering a yacht charter for your family vacation this year? Whether you’re an experienced boater or new to travelling on the ocean, there are many reasons why a yacht charter is the best kind of family holiday.

You can view breathtaking scenery, explore exciting new destinations, island hop around endless beaches and of course, enjoy lazy days at sea. And, if you’re looking for lively fun with the kids, there’s plenty of watery fun to be had! Here’s why chartering a yacht will be an unforgettable family holiday of a lifetime.

Activities for Everyone

A yacht charter has plenty of relaxing and lively activities. Lounge on board sunbathing and sipping cocktails, if that suits you. And the kids can keep entertained swimming and playing with rubbery water toys if they please. Also, you can choose where you go on your yacht charter, so stop off at islands and go hiking, or stay longer at sea to relax when it feels right.

Quality Family Time with Privacy

Opting for a crewed yacht charter, means you have everything taken care of such as food, drinks, cleaning and sailing of the yacht. You can just relax and unwind on deck and enjoy quality family time, without having to deal with hordes of other tourists like in some popular holiday destinations.

Enjoy a Flexible Itinerary

A family yacht charter allows you to explore where you want, at your own pace. Visit different islands everyday if you like, or if you find somewhere you love, talk with the captain about staying longer. Yacht charters can be personalised to your needs and the crew are there to make it as special as they can for you.

Children Can Learn New Skills and Responsibilities

If kids or teens are joining your yacht charter, this can be a thrilling trip of a lifetime that can teach them new skills and responsibilities. As a family, if you choose, you can all help to run the boat and keep the decking in tip top shape. This is great bonding time and will teach young ones that hard work is needed before you enjoy the good times.

Do as Much or as Little as You Want

If you’re looking to truly relax and unwind, the crew of your charter will take care of everything. To get more active, charter a bareboat yourself and be in charge of your sailing holiday. A family yacht charter can be designed to fit your unique wants and needs. Just choose your perfect charter with Asia Marine and they’ll take care of the rest.