By Admin Post on February 21, 2023

Cruising the ocean waves on a luxury yacht charter, with your friends and family, is an experience of a lifetime. You can de-stress from work, make new memories and enjoy jaw-dropping scenery.

And, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger on a crewed boat, that comes with a personal chef and crew to take care of your every whim. However, if this is your first yacht charter, you may be wondering what to expect and what you need to do to prepare. Take a look at these tips to ensure your trip is unforgettable.

Book Your Charter Well in Advance

What time of year to you plan to charter a yacht? Be aware that in high season weeks, yachts will get booked up fast. This means, if you plan to go away in busy season, book your charter at least 12 months in advance. Booking ahead, will save disappointment and ensure you get the yacht you want, when you want it.

Communicate with Your Charter Crew

Different people will want different things from their yacht charter experience. By giving your charter broker all the information up-front, they will be able to cater for your every need. For example, if you want a range of water toys such as jet-skis and snorkeling equipment, let the crew know. If you want a more relaxed experience, with massages, spa treatments and healthy food, let the yacht broker know so they arrange everything.

Choose the Right Yacht for Your Needs

Choosing the right yacht for your needs is an important decision. There are multiple things to consider, such as how many guests will be on board, what kind of trip is it eg; romantic, relaxing or family and friends? You also need to decide whether you want a crewed boat or a bare boat where you take control. Once your broker knows your desires, they can recommend a range of luxury yachts for you to take a pick from.

Create a Balance Itinerary and Be Flexible

One great thing about chartering your own yacht is the flexibility to choose your itinerary. And, you can cruise at your own pace and stay longer in destinations that you love. If you’re unsure where to go, ask your yacht broker, who can provide details on the best places for cruising on your preferred dates. 

However, aim to choose a balanced itinerary where you get time to relax and do energetic activities. If you try to pack too much in, you may finish the trip needing another holiday!

Be Aware of Yachting Etiquette

Yachting etiquette is simple, but getting it right will ensure you part with the crew on good terms. The basics include taking your shoes off onboard, being respectful to the crew, don’t do anything illegal and follow safety protocols. Rules at sea are there for a reason and not to ruin your fun! Imagine the yacht is your home and treat it like you’d want your own home to be treated.