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The Lampuga Boost is is powered by an emission-free electrical jet engine which delivers 15 horse powers directly to the water, transforming them into pure forward thrust.

For Riding the Lampuga Boost, it is fairly simple. It comes with the power that is varied employing the thrust control which is attached to the bow via the steering belt, providing a safe stance and full control over the board.

Charging time: 120 minutes with standard charging device
/ 60 minutes with high power charger **

Technical Specifications

• Length: 2.56 m (8’ 5”)
• Width: 0.8 m (2’ 7”)
• Height: 0.16 m (6”)
• Weight: 37.0 kg (81.0 lb)
• Battery type: Lithium 51.8 V capacity 58.8 Ah
• Speed*: up to 54 kmph (34 mph)
• Engine power: 15 hp
• Battery duration*: up to 40 minutes
• Range*: up to 20 km (12 miles)



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