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The Lampuga Air combines the speed and agility of the Lampuga Boost with the handiness of a luggage.

The body of the board is inflatable. Engine comes with battery and the complex electricity controlling system fits into a 100cm x 50cm x 10cm carbon-fibre composite case, the body of the board can be easily inflated by a small integrated engine. This enables everyone to transport and use the Lampuga Air at every imaginable place.

Charging time: 120 minutes with standard charging device
/ 60 minutes with high power charger **

Technical Specifications

•  Length: 2.00 m (6’ 6”)
•  Width: 0.7 m (2’ 3”)
•  Height: 0.15 m (5”)
•  Weight: 32.0 kg (66.1 lb)
•  Battery type: Lithium 51.8 V capacity 52.8 Ah
•  Speed*: up to 47 kmph (29.2 mph)
•  Engine power: 15 hp
•  Battery duration*: up to 40 minutes
•  Range*: up to 20 km (12 miles)



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