BALI 4.2

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Length : 42.20 ft. Visitor : 538

The BALI CATAMARANS brand strives to create living spaces that are as wide and open as possible, so as to offer owners ever more intense use of their boat.
The BALI 4.2, once again breaking away from other boats of the same size on the market, offers a deck area of 79.2 m² (852 sq ft), meaning around 10% more than competitors in the same category.

Technical Specifications

Developer: Olivier Poncin
Manufacturer: Chantier Catana
Designer: Xavier Faÿ
Interior designer: Lasta Design Studio

Overall length: 12.85 m
Hull lenght: 12.12 m
Maximum beam: 7.08 m
Draft, boards up: 1.12 m

Light displacement: 11.5 T
Displacement at maximum load: 15.9 T
Engines: 2 x 30hp/cv up to 2x45hp/cv Yanmar
Fuel: Up to 800 L*
Fresh water: Up to 860 L*
Refrigerator + Freezer: up to 326 L*